Walking Tour on The Kasuri Road かすりの道モニターツアーを開催しました(外国人・英語圏向け)

2024年6月13日 カテゴリ:新着情報

The hallmark of Ryukyu Kasuri (ikat, one of traditional textile fabrics) is said to be the diversity of designs, which number about 600 and are based on geometric patterns. Originating in India and spreading through-out Southeast, kasuri entered Okinawa Islands from 14th to 15th, when the islands were ruled by the Ryukyu Kingdom.

“Walking Tour Kasuri Road” was held in Haebaru Town, Okinawa on February in 2024. 14 people participated in the tour and strolled around the kasuri- related area for three hours. Firstly, in the Ryukyu-Kasuri Hall, the guide gave them explanations about the hall and the history of kasuri. Next, the participants visited the Ijunga Park , where some trees used for dyeing are planted. In Marumasa Textile Studio, its craftsperson showed them some types of kasuri fabrics. In other studios , they saw the process of tying the kasuri pattern, dyeing threads, and how to make a weaving machine. Furthermore, they enjoyed the landscape of the traditional Okinawa house and the tiles with typical kasuri patterns on the walls of the Kasuri Road.